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As we approach the end of the 2013/2014 season we’re looking forward to another glorious summer.  We have a number of big plans for 2014/2015 and to set in motion we need your help!


This year we are calling an Extraordinary General Meeting which will coincide with the annual members BBQ to discuss these plans. This is where you come in… we need you to come along to the BBQ so that, with your support, we can put these plans in motion. There will be a pre-meeting dive at 11am followed by the meeting at 12pm and lunch and games, raffles and prizes will follow the meeting.


As we will require the support of a majority of the membership to pass some of the proposed changes. We will also hopefully be offering the opportunity to purchase multiple years memberships with a HUGE discount of 20% saved on a 5 year membership. This will allow put away additional capital in to the bank to secure the future of the club.


The details of the annual membership BBQ are as follows:

·         What: UWA Underwater Club Annual Membership BBQ


·         When: 12:00pm December 13th, 2014 (11am for divers)


·         Where: Robbs Jetty



The two topics covered at the meeting include:

·         The purchase of a new boat. Tantabiddi has served us well but the years have taken their toll on her


·         Annual memberships (inc discounts for multiple years purchased)


Please RSVP to Emma to confirm attendance on the day 0452463662 emma.parr0@yahoo.com.au


If you are unable to make the day but would like more information or want to know how you can help then please contact Tim or James.



Clubroom Openings

A new calendar roster has been created with an individual contact for each night. If you would like to hire gear or pay for a trip on the boat, please get in touch with the roster volunteer for the night and let them know. Also, if you are down there and the volunteer is not, then you can contact them. As we are a group of volunteers, this list is subject to change based on people's availabilities so be sure to check each weekend. 
If you would like to know who is on roster, you can also visit and like the facebok page. And for booking on the boat, visit the bookings page for all available dates the boat is currently going out.

We are now in Winter Mode

We are now in Winter Mode, which means that roster volunteers won't attend the clubrooms unless someone asks them to. Don't be shy, send an email or pick up the phone if you need gear!It's always a good idea to check the roster list or facebook to see who which roster volunteer will be at the clubrooms. If you need to contact them, visit the roster list for phone numbers and give them a call to make sure they will be there :)

  Not a member yet? Sign up or visit the 'About us' page for more info

Boat Bookings

To book dives go here: Bookings

Once you've booked on a dive and if you have a place, one of the Dive Coordinators will get in touch with you - usually the Thursday evening before the dive - to confirm your place. If you don't get a place (boat was full or cancelled) then you will not get a call. You will need to turn up to the clubrooms the night before to pay for your dive and hire any equipment you need.

We're on Facebook!

Come check us out on facebook groups. Members are free to and regularly do post photos of trips out to the many dive sites that we visit. Ever wondered what it's like at the Grain Terminal? Check out some photos of the site! Wanted to ask a question about what dive gear to get? Post a question and wait for the replies to flood in :)

 What's Happening in the Club?

Well, for starters there's diving going on all the time. Go here for info on how to book yourself on a Rottnest weekend dive, and if you want to do shore dives, midweek boat dives and/or night dives, or socialise with fellow divers you should be registered with our list server (see top left of this page to join!) to get info about that.

There is also always a trip coming up. To find out more about these trips go to our trips section.

Our monthly social meetings are at the Captain Stirling on Stirling Hwy in Nedlands, usually on the first Wednesday night of the month.

Learn to Scuba Dive or Improve Your Dive Skills!

Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster and Specialty courses are run directly by the club. Details can be found here.

About The Club and How to Join

The University Underwater Club has been operating for over 30 years. Being a Uni club means that we have uni prices - but you don't have to be a student to join. In fact you don't have to have anything to do with UWA or any uni at all. Find out more here.

Become a Club Skipper!

The club urgently needs new skippers, become an apprentice skipper today and help your club!! Contact one of our dive coordinators for further information or check out the Club Skippers page!

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Wider Perth Diving Community's Forum

A quick plug here for WA Divers - http://www.wadivers.com.au, an online forum and community of divers based primarily in Perth but covering most of WA. Great resource for diving information, contacts, shop deals and dive buddies.

Club News

Rotto Double - Deep Cert required

Sun, 15/02/2015

West Patch (Nitrox) + Swirl Reef & Quokka Arms

Hi All!    B I G   D A Y   O U T !!!  &  s h a r k s  !!??

Sun, 18/01/2015

Key Biscayne wreck

The boat will depart Two Rocks Marina at 6:30am sharp, and return around 3pm that afternoon.

Sun, 01/03/2015

Rotto Double

Double Dive at Rotto Meet at FSC at 7.30am. Bring membership sticker and receipt of payment. I wont be collecting $ on the day. Bring your lunch.
Sun, 22/02/2015

Rotto Double

Rotto Double Dive


Meet at FSC at 7:30am.

Bring your lunch.

Bring evidence of payment for the dive as I wont be collecting money on the day.

Sun, 11/01/2015