Learn to dive or improve your skills with the UWA Underwater Club! We believe that we have the best instructors in town when it comes to scuba training as our dive community includes several world class freelance diving instructors who have strong passion to both dive and teach. Keep an eye out on the calendar for any upcoming courses posted by the instructors where they will post more specific information about the course they are offering. You can also find more information on courses in our handy course FAQ below. Whilst this should answer most of your questions, feel free to contact us if you need more info on anything course related.

Course FAQ

The club itself does not offer courses as we are not a commercial dive operation. However, we provide a platform that connects you our members to other reputable members who are highly qualified freelance instructors under international diving institutions such as PADI, SSI and TDi. Some of these guys have thousands of dives experience and offer these courses to the club because it is their passion to teach and see the quality of divers in the club grow. There are also several experienced divemasters in the club who are usually called upon by the instructors to assist with courses. For those of you who are new to diving, this is a good place to start. Many of the UWA Underwater Club instructors can conduct beginners courses (‘Open Water’) which qualify you to dive to a depth of 18m with a dive buddy of similar or higher qualification. If you are already a qualified diver some of our instructors also offer training for the more intermediate and advanced divers such as advanced, rescue and tech courses. The club gear at the shed also makes an easy place for you and your instructor to get cheap gear hire for your course. Keep an eye out on the calendar for any upcoming courses posted by the instructors!
The price of the dive courses are set by the instructors and is advertised in the calendar event entries. Usually the club instructors can offer substantial savings as they don't have the overheads of a commercial operation so they can pass the savings onto you. Feel free to shop around but you'll probably find them the best value for money in Perth. The calendar event they post should outline the course in terms of its structure and prerequisites; what is included and excluded and whether the instructor is hosting theory sessions or require you to do independent study. Every instructor has a unique way of teaching!
Yes! If you are looking to learn to dive it doesn’t cost you any more money than for uni students.

You need a dive medical for an Open Water Course (beginner level) and a Divemaster Course. You do not need a medical for an Advanced Open Water Course or a Rescue Course, however a regular medical examination is recommended (< 30 years or age: every 5 years, 30 – 50 years of age: every 3 years, over 50 years of age: every year).

The UWA Medical Centre (35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley, 9380 2118) conducts dive medicals. Alternatively, find a list of dive doctors at Prices for a dive medical range from ca. $50 - $100, so it is a good idea to call the doctors first to get a quote. The cost of the medical is not covered by Medicare or private health funds. (You are diving for fun, it's not a medical condition!)

The dive medical has to be conducted according to the Australian Standard AS 4005.1, which defines the requirements for a recreational scuba diving medical examination. The medical form you bring with you to the dive course must state that the examination was carried out according to AS 4005.1. We do not accept medicals which have not been conducted according to AS 4005.1!

For all courses, keep an eye on the calendar for when an instructor is offering a course. Once you see a course that you are interested in, make a booking via the calendar!
If you are a qualified dive professional and keen to keep teaching, get in touch with us and we will run you through getting gear out for your students and set you up with the calendar.