Hire Gear Amnesty

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Following a recent stocktake of club equipment, it has come to our attention that there is a large amount of gear that hasn’t been returned. Upon going through the last couple of years’ worth of records of equipment hired by members, we now have a list of people who've had gear for several months or in some cases much longer.
As members will be aware when they signed up, non-returned gear is liable to attract fines from the club due to not being available for others to use. This applies not only to high-value items such as regs sets and tanks, but also smaller items such as weights.

We’re happy to believe that some of you have gear in the shed/spare room/garage you have forgotten about, so we encourage you to please have a rummage and see what turns up. In keeping with this, we will be having a GEAR AMNESTY over the next 2 weekends (10/11 and 17/18 June) – we will accept anything back with good humour, no questions asked and no fines applied so please see what you can find and contact the roster volunteer if you wish to make any returns.

After that, we WILL actively come looking for it and fines will be requested - please help us avoid having to do this.



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